Newton Agency launches athlete wellbeing programme

June 7, 2016
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June 7, 2016 Admin

Newton Agency launches athlete wellbeing programme

Newton Agency, in collaboration with Glenwood High School, are proud to announce the launch of an athlete wellbeing programme for athletes part of the schools high performance stream.

Dr Kirsten van Heerden, Newton Agency’s performance psychologist, is adamant that an exclusive focus on performance is detrimental to the athlete, saying ‘At the Agency we believe that a holistic approach to managing young athletes is crucial. Those of us that are involved in high performance sport know what a tough world it can be, and athletes are often very unprepared to operate in this world. For this reason we wanted to run a programme such as this with the young elite athletes at the school and are excited that its now up and running’. There is also a plethora of research showing that supporting the athlete as a person and not just an athlete can equip them to cope with the demands of pro athlete life, and can actually enhance performance.

Lee-Roy Newton, group MD, was also very clear in his views about the best way to manage athletes, ‘What we know for sure is that less than 1% of athletes make it to the pro leagues and even those that do will have to retire one day. There are so many sad stories of top athletes battling with life after sport that we decided something needed to be done to prepare young athletes for life not just sport, otherwise we are doing them a huge disservice’.

The programme will run over 10 sessions during the year and will focus on dual career issues, self-management, networking skills and managing relationships amongst other topics.