April 4, 2017
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4 April 2017

Newton Agency together with Athletics South Africa would hereby like to make the following announcement regarding Olympic Long Jump silver medallist Luvo Manyonga.

  1. As is public knowledge Luvo has battled drug addiction for many years and openly acknowledges that it is a daily challenge to fight his addiction. Luvo was part of a rehabilitation programme at a highly-regarded treatment facility in the lead up to the Rio Olympic Games, and has now enrolled in the facilities aftercare programme to continue with his rehabilitation and achieve his dream of becoming one of the world’s greatest ever long jumpers in the history of the sport.
  1. Luvo remains fully committed to WADA and SAIDS testing requirements and as per the requirements of the facility, submits to regular monitoring.
  1. The continuation of his treatment in the facility simply provides the best structure to achieve his personal and performance goals as it allows him to focus fully on the demands of training and competing while under the care and support of a professional support team.
  1. Luvo said: “I have been playing sport since an early age and I have grown to love athletics deeply. Unfortunately I have been battling substance abuse since I was a teenager and it has been a difficult journey. I wanted to release this statement to show others that there is no shame in your past and empower others to shake off the stigma associated with addiction. Decisions such as the one I have taken to be a part of a rehabilitation movement hopefully can allow others to admit to the daily challenges.

I am committed to staying drug free and I want to achieve great things in my career and life. To achieve my               goals and dreams I understand that I will need all the support I can get.

I want to thank my family, ASA and my support team at Newton Sports Agency for all their help and support           they have given me thus far. I am excited about my future.”