I went to the Olympics. Now what?

September 25, 2021
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September 25, 2021 Admin

I went to the Olympics. Now what?

Going to the Olympic Games is a dream come true for many athletes. They spend years and years training for that 2 week, once every 4 year, period. And then its over. Now what?

Post-Olympic depression comes in many forms, even for those that have achieved Olympic success (sometimes it is in fact even more challenging for those athletes). Coping with life after the Games is difficult and we often don’t support athletes through this time.

On Wednesday 29th September 18:00 (CET) Dr Kirsten van Heerden will be hosting a virtual panel discussion with a number of South African Olympians to talk about their experiences and give advice on how athletes can navigate through post-Olympic challenges.

Zoom link to join:


Meeting ID: 856 9624 8380
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